Grampians Challenge 2016

Grampians Challenge (edition 6) - 10-13 September, 2016, Grampians, Wartook valley
Transformed into new multisport format, 9km run, 10km kayak and 36km mountain bike.



The spectacular multisport course was set up in Victorian Northern Grampians over the last weekend to challenge solo, pairs and relay teams.  Classic composition of 9 km trail run along  famous Mackenzie falls trails, 10 km  flat water paddle on a pristine  Wartook lake and scenic 36 km mountain bike ride along the Mt Difficult ridge line showcased the most dramatic views of the Wartook Valley of the Grampians.

The race kicked off at 8 am after warm greetings from Horsham councilor Allethen Sedman.

Participants followed famous walking trail along Mackenzie river with spectacular climb along the Mackenzie falls where they could enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Victoria.  

Weather conditions were extremely favorable with comfortable temperatures of low 20th and light winds.

Dawid Wood from Mildura took a lead and completed the first running leg in 39 minutes 35 seconds, followed by Stewart Bennet (Hobart) just 5 seconds behind.  After quick transition Bennet took the lead and came off the water with 6 minutes advantage which allowed him comfortably finish the race in 3 hours, 3 minutes and 17 seconds maintaining the 6 minutes advantage he got over Wood on a paddle leg.

In a female field the race was led by Daria Kurtov from Melbourne until the last MTB leg where her training partner Lisa Dominguez passed Kurtov and gained  7 minutes advantage.

The race coordinator Maria Plyashechko said: “We are thrilled to bring this event on after all floods the Wartook region experienced over the past few months when we had to postpone the race. However, weather gods finally blessed us with such a terrific day and looked like everyone enjoyed their day at the Grampians Challenge.”

Podium finisher Dawid  Wood said: “Perfect location, well organised and well marked out course. I enjoyed the hills (being from the flatlands around Mildura) and I will be keeping out an eye for more events down that way. It was also good to see so many people having a go at this sort of event for the first time (and to chat with so many friendly competitors and volunteers.”

Another participants Murray Cambie said: “Grampians Challenge 2016: Well organised, great course, fantastic weather and scenery, great competitors. Thanks again guys for another awesome Australian adventure memory.”

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