AR DUO category

Kayaking equipment is supplied as a part of your entry if you are racing AR DUO category - two person team racing together for the entire course. Spirit CTR double kayaks are supplied for AR DUO category, as well as paddles and PFDs. Please refer to picture below for Spirit CTR Double kayak in action!

spirit ctr double

Here is Spirit CTR Double specification: 

Weight 25kg  
Length 4.8m  
Width 70cm  
Capacity 220kg  



SOLO and Relay teams

Solo or relay team entries do not include kayak hire. You'll need to supply your own equipment, or you can hire a kayak, PFD and/or paddle in the entry system. Hire includes transport of the kayak to and from the event so its makes your logistics super easy.

We have got a fleet of suitable boats for hire. The boats will be delivered to the starting location and picked up at the finish of the leg. Kayak hire is available as an optional item during the event entry or separate booking is available. When booking, please advise the level of boat you would like to hire. Three levels are offered: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

All boats have got pedal steering and are suitable for the race section of the river. 

  • Beginner boats are stable boats such as Spirit CTR, Epic V5. Recommended for less experienced paddlers, those who do not paddle regularly or not confident in their  paddling skills.
  • Intermediate boats such as Epic V7, Finn Endorfinn, Spirit Racing Ski. These are relatively fast boats suitable for paddlers who train regularly and have got some skills but not very fit or experienced or just prefer to use a more stable craft.
  • Advanced boats such as Finn Molokai, Spirit Fury. These boats are suitable for very experienced and regular paddlers with solid experience.