Trail Run course

Welcome to the Grampians Challenge Trail Run

We are excited to bring aspectacular course to enjoy views of Northern Grampians and explore new trails, with a mix of 4wd trails and single tracks with some good uphills and breathtaking views.


14,7k, start/finish Zumstein picnic ground.
There will be one aid station at the turning point at 9k.


Start at historical Zumsteins picnic ground and head south-east on the walking only single track along spectacular McKenzie river gorge. Massive rocky hills hanging from both sides, technical running and almost all the time, climbing up! First two kilometers are here to warm you up, it is only 50m climb from Zumsteins to the Fish Falls. Rocky cascade with jumping water will mean it is a steep few meters up. Climb on the right hand side with some metal stairs and railings to help you.

Keep going, it still goes up, and the gorge gets more and more spectacular. At 3.2k mark, when direction cardinally changed to north west, it gets a bit more technical, with a few rocky sections to run through. Again, stairs, metal bridges and railings sometimes will guide you through to the gem of Grampains, McKenzie falls. The view is spectacular, we hope you will come back after the race to take some pictures. No worries if not, our photographer will make sure you have a new profile pic. Running past McKenzie falls is always amazing experience. Go up narrow steep stone staircase, with railings again to help you. 30-40 meters of climbing, and you are on a wider track, that keeps going up to the carpark.

Marshalls will guide you through the carpark, around the fence to join the Chinamens track. It is straight and you can see where the top is. Good news, it is the highest point. Bad news, it goes up another 130 meters. At 5.5k mark, you've done 300m of climbing, say yes - not too much climbing left on the course!

Follow Chinamens track, to drop about 40m in next kilometer, and turn right at the t-junction. Track will keep going east getting you inside Wartook valley, and droping another 50m over next 1.5k to the boat rump, where turn around point is.

The Athlete Foot Horsham

Punch at turn-around station to be in a draw for The Athlete Foot Trail Run leg! You will be in competition with all multisport race athletes started with you for over $500 worth of prizes from the Athlete Foot Horsham. Grab some water and turn back, you will be following the same track. Sorry, you will have to climb back those 90m you’ve just dropped!

Start gentle climb with 50m gain over 1.5 km to the junction with Chinaman track. Turn left to keep climbing another 30m over 0.8km. Turn right to follow ridgeline dropping down to Zumsteins.

It’s all downhill from here to the finish! You will lose 300 meters elevation in just 3.5k, be careful running it down. There are some sections of loose gravel on the track, make sure you turn left after creek crossing, you won’t miss music and greatings anyway. Welcome back - it’s done and dusted!

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