Whilst the majority of the Grampians Challenge is inaccessible to spectators, there are some great viewing spots at several locations along the course. 

Mackenzie falls

Check action at the Mackenzie falls steps, great spot to visit and cheer up participants climbing up the stairs.

Wartook lake Transition area

Great spot for watching racers on the water.

Boroka lookout

Check the views and see riders climbing past you

Zumsteins picnic ground Start-finish

Be part of the start action and finishers crossing the line with happy smiles

suggested Itinerary

If your goal too see maximum:

  1. Check start action at the Zumsteins picninc ground
  2. Head up to McKenzie falls to cheer up participants running up the stairs, it is a hard and one of the most spectacular bits of the race
  3. Move to the Wartook TA to cheer up racers switching from the run to kayaking and back from kayking to the mountain bike
  4. Drive up Mt Difficult road to the Boroka lookout, cheer riders climbing past you
  5. Go back to Zumsteins picninc ground, meet competitors back from their epic journey